Rockwell Automation RSLinx Enterprise Software (LogReceiver.exe) CPR9, CPR9-SR1, CPR9-SR2, CPR9-SR3, CPR9-SR4, CPR9-SR5, CPR9-SR5.1, and CPR9-SR6 does not handle input correctly and results in a logic error if it receives a datagram with an incorrect value in the ?Record Data Size? field. By sending a datagram to the service over Port 4444/UDP with the ?Record Data Size? field modified to an oversized value, an attacker could cause an out-of-bounds read access violation that leads to a service crash. The service can be recovered with a manual reboot. The patches and details pertaining to this vulnerability can be found at the following Rockwell Automation Security Advisory link (login is required):

Source: CVE-2013-2805

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