Huawei AR100, AR100-S, AR110-S, AR120, AR120-S, AR1200, AR1200-S, AR150, AR150-S, AR160, AR200, AR200-S, AR2200, AR2200-S, AR3200, AR510, DP300, NetEngine16EX, RP200, SRG1300, SRG2300, SRG3300, TE30, TE40, TE50, TE60, TP3106, TP3206, ViewPoint 8660, and ViewPoint 9030 have an insufficient validation vulnerability. Since packet validation is insufficient, an unauthenticated attacker may send special H323 packets to exploit the vulnerability. Successful exploit could allow the attacker to send malicious packets and result in DOS attacks.

Source: CVE-2017-17151

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