The AscRegistryFilter.sys kernel driver in IObit Advanced SystemCare 13.2 allows an unprivileged user to send an IOCTL to the device driver. If the user provides a NULL entry for the dwIoControlCode parameter, a kernel panic (aka BSOD) follows. The IOCTL codes can be found in the dispatch function: 0x8001E000, 0x8001E004, 0x8001E008, 0x8001E00C, 0x8001E010, 0x8001E014, 0x8001E020, 0x8001E024, 0x8001E040, 0x8001E044, and 0x8001E048. DosDevicesAscRegistryFilter and DeviceAscRegistryFilter are affected.

Source: CVE-2020-10234

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