In Rust time crate from version 0.2.7 and before version 0.2.23, unix-like operating systems may segfault due to dereferencing a dangling pointer in specific circumstances. This requires the user to set any environment variable in a different thread than the affected functions. The affected functions are time::UtcOffset::local_offset_at, time::UtcOffset::try_local_offset_at, time::UtcOffset::current_local_offset, time::UtcOffset::try_current_local_offset, time::OffsetDateTime::now_local and time::OffsetDateTime::try_now_local. Non-Unix targets are unaffected. This includes Windows and wasm. The issue was introduced in version 0.2.7 and fixed in version 0.2.23.

Source: CVE-2020-26235

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