Yamaha LTE VoIP Router(NVR700W firmware Rev.15.00.15 and earlier), Yamaha Gigabit VoIP Router(NVR510 firmware Rev.15.01.14 and earlier), Yamaha Gigabit VPN Router(RTX810 firmware Rev.11.01.33 and earlier, RTX830 firmware Rev.15.02.09 and earlier, RTX1200 firmware Rev.10.01.76 and earlier, RTX1210 firmware Rev.14.01.33 and earlier, RTX3500 firmware Rev.14.00.26 and earlier, and RTX5000 firmware Rev.14.00.26 and earlier), Yamaha Broadband VoIP Router(NVR500 firmware Rev.11.00.38 and earlier), and Yamaha Firewall(FWX120 firmware Rev.11.03.27 and earlier) allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service via unspecified vectors.

Source: CVE-2020-5548

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