An exploitable memory corruption vulnerability exists in AMD atidxx64.dll 26.20.15019.19000 graphics driver. A specially crafted pixel shader can cause memory corruption vulnerability. An attacker can provide a specially crafted shader file to trigger this vulnerability. This vulnerability potentially could be triggered from guest machines running virtualization environments (ie. VMware, qemu, VirtualBox etc.) in order to perform guest-to-host escape – as it was demonstrated before (TALOS-2018-0533, TALOS-2018-0568, etc.). Theoretically this vulnerability could be also triggered from web browser (using webGL and webassembly). This vulnerability was triggered from HYPER-V guest using RemoteFX feature leading to executing the vulnerable code on the HYPER-V host (inside of the rdvgm.exe process).

Source: CVE-2020-6100

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