The server management software module of ZTE has a storage XSS vulnerability. The attacker inserts some attack codes through the foreground login page, which will cause the user to execute the predefined malicious script in the browser. This affects <R5300G4V03.08.0100/V03.07.0300/V03.07.0200/V03.07.0108/V03.07.0100/V03.05.0047/V03.05.0046/V03.05.0045/V03.05.0044/V03.05.0043/V03.05.0040/V03.04.0020;R8500G4V03.07.0103/V03.07.0101/V03.06.0100/V03.05.0400/V03.05.0020;R5500G4V03.08.0100/V03.07.0200/V03.07.0100/V03.06.0100>.

Source: CVE-2020-6872

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