This document describes a security vulnerability in Blade Maintenance Entity, Integrated Maintenance Entity and Maintenance Entity products. All J/H-series NonStop systems have a security vulnerability associated with an open UDP port 17185 on the Maintenance LAN which could result in information disclosure, denial-of-service attacks or local memory corruption against the affected system and a complete control of the system may also be possible. This vulnerability exists only if one gains access to the Maintenance LAN to which Blade Maintenance Entity, Integrated Maintenance Entity or Maintenance Entity product is connected. **Workaround:** Block the UDP port 17185(In the Maintenance LAN Network Switch/Firewall). Fix: Install following SPRs, which are already available: * T1805A01^AAI (Integrated Maintenance Entity) * T4805A01^AAZ (Blade Maintenance Entity). These SPRs are also usable with the following RVUs: * J06.19.00 ? J06.23.01. No fix planned for the following RVUs: J06.04.00 ? J06.18.01. No fix planned for H-Series NonStop systems. No fix planned for the product T2805 (Maintenance Entity).

Source: CVE-2020-7131

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