Puppet Server and PuppetDB provide useful performance and debugging information via their metrics API endpoints. For PuppetDB this may contain things like hostnames. Puppet Server reports resource names and titles for defined types (which may contain sensitive information) as well as function names and class names. Previously, these endpoints were open to the local network. PE 2018.1.13 & 2019.4.0, Puppet Server 6.9.1 & 5.3.12, and PuppetDB 6.9.1 & 5.2.13 disable trapperkeeper-metrics /v1 metrics API and only allows /v2 access on localhost by default. This affects Puppet Enterprise 2018.1.x stream prior to 2018.1.13, and prior to 2019.4.0; Puppet Server prior to 6.9.1, and prior to 5.3.12; PuppetDB prior to 6.9.1, and prior to 5.2.13.

Source: CVE-2020-7943

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