A security issue was found in UniFi Protect controller v1.14.10 and earlier.The authentication in the UniFi Protect controller API was using “x-token� improperly, allowing attackers to use the API to send authenticated messages without a valid token.This vulnerability was fixed in UniFi Protect v1.14.11 and newer.This issue does not impact UniFi Cloud Key Gen 2 plus.This issue does not impact UDM-Pro customers with UniFi Protect stopped.Affected Products:UDM-Pro firmware 1.7.2 and earlier.UNVR firmware 1.3.12 and earlier.Mitigation:Update UniFi Protect to v1.14.11 or newer version; the UniFi Protect controller can be updated through your UniFi OS settings.Alternatively, you can update UNVR and UDM-Pro to:- UNVR firmware to 1.3.15 or newer.- UDM-Pro firmware to 1.8.0 or newer.

Source: CVE-2020-8267

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