openHAB is a vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for your home. In openHAB before versions 2.5.12 and 3.0.1 the XML external entity (XXE) attack allows attackers in the same network as the openHAB instance to retrieve internal information like the content of files from the file system. Responses to SSDP requests can be especially malicious. All add-ons that use SAX or JAXB parsing of externally received XML are potentially subject to this kind of attack. In openHAB, the following add-ons are potentially impacted: AvmFritz, BoseSoundtouch, DenonMarantz, DLinkSmarthome, Enigma2, FmiWeather, FSInternetRadio, Gce, Homematic, HPPrinter, IHC, Insteon, Onkyo, Roku, SamsungTV, Sonos, Roku, Tellstick, TR064, UPnPControl, Vitotronic, Wemo, YamahaReceiver and XPath Tranformation. The vulnerabilities have been fixed in versions 2.5.12 and 3.0.1 by a more strict configuration of the used XML parser.

Source: CVE-2021-21266

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