Null Pointer Dereference vulnerability exists in D-Link DAP-2310 2.07.RC031, DAP-2330 1.07.RC028, DAP-2360 2.07.RC043, DAP-2553 3.06.RC027, DAP-2660 1.13.RC074, DAP-2690 3.16.RC100, DAP-2695 1.17.RC063, DAP-3320 1.01.RC014 and DAP-3662 1.01.RC022 in the upload_config function of sbin/httpd binary. When the binary handle the specific HTTP GET request, the content in upload_file variable is NULL in the upload_config function then the strncasecmp would take NULL as first argument, and incur the NULL pointer dereference vulnerability.

Source: CVE-2021-28840

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