Ratpack is a toolkit for creating web applications. In versions prior to 1.9.0, a user supplied `X-Forwarded-Host` header can be used to perform cache poisoning of a cache fronting a Ratpack server if the cache key does not include the `X-Forwarded-Host` header as a cache key. Users are only vulnerable if they do not configure a custom `PublicAddress` instance. For versions prior to 1.9.0, by default, Ratpack utilizes an inferring version of `PublicAddress` which is vulnerable. This can be used to perform redirect cache poisoning where an attacker can force a cached redirect to redirect to their site instead of the intended redirect location. The vulnerability was patched in Ratpack 1.9.0. As a workaround, ensure that `ServerConfigBuilder::publicAddress` correctly configures the server in production.

Source: CVE-2021-29479

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