A cryptographically weak pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) is used during authentication to the Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS web interface. This enables an authenticated attacker, with the capability to observe their own authentication secrets over a long duration on the PAN-OS appliance, to impersonate another authenticated web interface administrator’s session.
This issue impacts:
PAN-OS 8.1 versions earlier than PAN-OS 8.1.19;
PAN-OS 9.0 versions earlier than PAN-OS 9.0.14;
PAN-OS 9.1 versions earlier than PAN-OS 9.1.10;
PAN-OS 10.0 versions earlier than PAN-OS 10.0.4.
PAN-OS 10.1 versions are not impacted.

Source: CVE-2021-3047

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