An improper handling of exceptional conditions vulnerability exists in the Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS dataplane that enables an unauthenticated network-based attacker to send specifically crafted traffic through the firewall that causes the service to crash. Repeated attempts to send this request result in denial of service to all PAN-OS services by restarting the device and putting it into maintenance mode.
This issue impacts:
PAN-OS 8.1 versions earlier than PAN-OS 8.1.20;
PAN-OS 9.0 versions earlier than PAN-OS 9.0.14;
PAN-OS 9.1 versions earlier than PAN-OS 9.1.9;
PAN-OS 10.0 versions earlier than PAN-OS 10.0.5.

This issue does not affect Prisma Access.

Source: CVE-2021-3053

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