Matrix-appservice-bridge is the bridging service for the Matrix communication program’s application services. In versions 2.6.0 and earlier, if a bridge has room upgrade handling turned on in the configuration (the `roomUpgradeOpts` key when instantiating a new `Bridge` instance.), any `` event it encounters will be used to unbridge the current room and bridge into the target room. However, the target room `` event is not checked to verify if the `predecessor` field contains the previous room. This means that any malicious admin of a bridged room can repoint the traffic to a different room without the new room being aware. Versions 2.6.1 and greater are patched. As a workaround, disabling the automatic room upgrade handling can be done by removing the `roomUpgradeOpts` key from the `Bridge` class options.

Source: CVE-2021-32659

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