Insufficient security control vulnerability in internal database access mechanism of Hitachi Energy Relion 670/650/SAM600-IO, Relion 650, GMS600, PWC600 allows attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability, of which the product does not sufficiently restrict access to an internal database tables, could allow anybody with user credentials to bypass security controls that is enforced by the product. Consequently, exploitation may lead to unauthorized modifications on data/firmware, and/or to permanently disabling the product. This issue affects: Hitachi Energy Relion 670 Series 2.0 all revisions; 2.2.2 all revisions; 2.2.3 versions prior to Hitachi Energy Relion 670/650 Series 2.1 all revisions. 2.2.0 all revisions; 2.2.4 all revisions; Hitachi Energy Relion 670/650/SAM600-IO 2.2.1 all revisions; 2.2.5 versions prior to Hitachi Energy Relion 650 1.0 all revisions. 1.1 all revisions; 1.2 all revisions; 1.3 versions prior to; Hitachi Energy GMS600 1.3.0;; 1.2.0. Hitachi Energy PWC600 1.0.1 version and prior versions; 1.1.0 version and prior versions.

Source: CVE-2021-35534

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