The Nextcloud Desktop Client is a tool to synchronize files from Nextcloud Server with a computer. The Nextcloud Desktop Client invokes its uninstaller script when being installed to make sure there are no remnants of previous installations. In versions 3.0.3 through 3.2.4, the Client searches the `Uninstall.exe` file in a folder that can be written by regular users. This could lead to a case where a malicious user creates a malicious `Uninstall.exe`, which would be executed with administrative privileges on the Nextcloud Desktop Client installation. This issue is fixed in Nextcloud Desktop Client version 3.3.0. As a workaround, do not allow untrusted users to create content in the `C:` system folder and verify that there is no malicious `C:Uninstall.exe` file on the system.

Source: CVE-2021-37617

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