nLight ECLYPSE (nECY) system Controllers running software prior to 1.17.21245.754 contain a default key vulnerability. The nECY does not force a change to the key upon the initial configuration of an affected device. nECY system controllers utilize an encrypted channel to secure SensorViewTM configuration and monitoring software and nECY to nECY communications. Impacted devices are at risk of exploitation. A remote attacker with IP access to an impacted device could submit lighting control commands to the nECY by leveraging the default key. A successful attack may result in the attacker gaining the ability to modify lighting conditions or gain the ability to update the software on lighting devices. The impacted key is referred to as the SensorView Password in the nECY nLight Explorer Interface and the Gateway Password in the SensorView application. An attacker cannot authenticate to or modify the configuration or software of the nECY system controller.

Source: CVE-2021-40825

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