solidus_auth_devise provides authentication services for the Solidus webstore framework, using the Devise gem. In affected versions solidus_auth_devise is subject to a CSRF vulnerability that allows user account takeover. All applications using any version of the frontend component of `solidus_auth_devise` are affected if `protect_from_forgery` method is both: Executed whether as: A `before_action` callback (the default) or A `prepend_before_action` (option `prepend: true` given) before the `:load_object` hook in `Spree::UserController` (most likely order to find). Configured to use `:null_session` or `:reset_session` strategies (`:null_session` is the default in case the no strategy is given, but `rails –new` generated skeleton use `:exception`). Users should promptly update to `solidus_auth_devise` version `2.5.4`. Users unable to update should if possible, change their strategy to `:exception`. Please see the linked GHSA for more workaround details.

Source: CVE-2021-41274

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