Riverbed AppResponse 11.8.0, 11.8.5, 11.8.5a, 11.9.0, 11.9.0a, 11.10.0, 11.11.0, 11.11.0a, 11.11.1, 11.11.1a, 11.11.5, and 11.11.5a (when configured to use local, RADIUS, or TACACS authentication) logs usernames and passwords if either is entered incorrectly. If a user enters an incorrect username and/or password when logging into the WebUI, these attempted credentials are included in an error message that is logged in the WebUI log file. A log entry does not appear if the username and password provided correctly match a valid set of credentials. This also does not happen if AppResponse is configured to use SAML authentication. The WebUI log file is included in subsequent diagnostic system dumps that are generated. (Only users with Full Control access to the System Configuration permission can generate system dumps. By default, only System Administrators have Full Control access to the System Configuration permission.)

Source: CVE-2021-43271

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