Wiki.js is a wiki app built on Node.js. Wiki.js versions 2.5.257 and earlier are vulnerable to stored cross-site scripting through a SVG file upload. By creating a crafted SVG file, a malicious Wiki.js user may stage a stored cross-site scripting attack. This allows the attacker to execute malicious JavaScript when the SVG is viewed directly by other users. Scripts do not execute when loaded inside a page via normal `<img>` tags. Commit 5d3e81496fba1f0fbd64eeb855f30f69a9040718 fixes this vulnerability by adding an optional (enabled by default) SVG sanitization step to all file uploads that match the SVG mime type. As a workaround, disable file upload for all non-trusted users. Wiki.js version 2.5.260 is the first production version to contain a patch. Version 2.5.258 is the first development build to contain a patch and is available only as a Docker image as requarks/wiki:canary-2.5.258.

Source: CVE-2021-43842

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