A CWE-120: Buffer Copy without Checking Size of Input (‘Classic Buffer Overflow’) vulnerability exists that could cause remote code execution when an improperly handled TLS packet is reassembled.

Affected Product: SmartConnect Family: SMT Series (SMT Series ID=1015: UPS 04.5 and prior), SMC Series (SMC Series ID=1018: UPS 04.2 and prior), SMTL Series (SMTL Series ID=1026: UPS 02.9 and prior), SCL Series (SCL Series ID=1029: UPS 02.5 and prior / SCL Series ID=1030: UPS 02.5 and prior / SCL Series ID=1036: UPS 02.5 and prior / SCL Series ID=1037: UPS 03.1 and prior), SMX Series (SMX Series ID=1031: UPS 03.1 and prior)

Source: CVE-2022-22805

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