BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system. Versions starting with 2.2 and prior to 2.3.19, 2.4.7, and 2.5.0-beta.2 are vulnerable to regular expression denial of service (ReDoS) attacks. By using specific a RegularExpression, an attacker can cause denial of service for the bbb-html5 service. The useragent library performs checking of device by parsing the input of User-Agent header and lets it go through lookupUserAgent() (alias of useragent.lookup() ). This function handles input by regexing and attackers can abuse that by providing some ReDos payload using `SmartWatch`. The maintainers removed `htmlclient/useragent` from versions 2.3.19, 2.4.7, and 2.5.0-beta.2. As a workaround, disable NginX forwarding the requests to the handler according to the directions in the GitHub Security Advisory.

Source: CVE-2022-29169

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