Auth0 is an authentication broker that supports both social and enterprise identity providers, including Active Directory, LDAP, Google Apps, and Salesforce. In versions before `11.33.0`, when the “additional signup fieldsâ€? feature [is configured](, a malicious actor can inject invalidated HTML code into these additional fields, which is then stored in the service `user_metdata` payload (using the `name` property). Verification emails, when applicable, are generated using this metadata. It is therefor possible for an actor to craft a malicious link by injecting HTML, which is then rendered as the recipient’s name within the delivered email template. You are impacted by this vulnerability if you are using `auth0-lock` version `11.32.2` or lower and are using the “additional signup fieldsâ€? feature in your application. Upgrade to version `11.33.0`.

Source: CVE-2022-29172

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