XWiki Platform Filter UI provides a generic user interface to convert from a XWiki Filter input stream to an output stream with settings for each stream. Starting with versions 6.0-milestone-2 and 5.4.4 and prior to versions 12.10.11, 14.0-rc-1, 13.4.7, and 13.10.3, XWiki Platform Filter UI contains a possible cross-site scripting vector in the `Filter.FilterStreamDescriptorForm` wiki page related to pretty much all the form fields printed in the home page of the application. The issue is patched in versions 12.10.11, 14.0-rc-1, 13.4.7, and 13.10.3. The easiest workaround is to edit the wiki page `Filter.FilterStreamDescriptorForm` (with wiki editor) according to the instructions in the GitHub Security Advisory.

Source: CVE-2022-29258

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