QTIWorks is a software suite for standards-based assessment delivery. Prior to version 1.0-beta15, the QTIWorks Engine allows users to upload QTI content packages as ZIP files. The ZIP handling code does not sufficiently check the paths of files contained within ZIP files, so can insert files into other locations in the filesystem if they are writable by the process running the QTIWorks Engine. In extreme cases, this could allow anonymous users to change files in arbitrary locations in the filesystem. In normal QTIWorks Engine deployments, the impact is somewhat reduced because the default QTIWorks configuration does not enable the public demo functionality, so ZIP files can only be uploaded by users with "instructor" privileges. This vulnerability is fixed in version 1.0-beta15. There are no database configuration changes required when upgrading to this version. No known workarounds for this issue exist.

Source: CVE-2022-39367

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