Stack-based buffer overflow in dws/api/Login on D-Link DIR-850L B1 2.07 before 2.07WWB05, DIR-817 Ax, DIR-818LW Bx before 2.05b03beta03, DIR-822 C1 3.01 before 3.01WWb02, DIR-823 A1 1.00 before 1.00WWb05, DIR-895L A1 1.11 before 1.11WWb04, DIR-890L A1 1.09 before 1.09b14, DIR-885L A1 1.11 before 1.11WWb07, DIR-880L A1 1.07 before 1.07WWb08, DIR-868L B1 2.03 before 2.03WWb01, and DIR-868L C1 3.00 before 3.00WWb01 devices allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a long session cookie.

Source: CVE-2016-5681

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