The Tightrope Media Carousel digital signage product contains an arbitrary file upload vulnerability in the Manage Bulletins/Upload feature, which can be leveraged to gain remote code execution. An authenticated attacker can upload a crafted ZIP file (based on an exported backup of existing "Bulletins") containing a malicious file. When uploaded, the system only checks for the presence of the needed files within the ZIP and, as long as the malicious file is named properly, will extract all contained files to a new directory on the system, named with a random GUID. The attacker can determine this GUID by previewing an image from the uploaded Bulletin within the web UI. Once the GUID is determined, the attacker can navigate to the malicious file and execute it. In testing, an ASPX web shell was uploaded, allowing for remote-code execution in the context of a restricted IIS user.

Source: CVE-2018-18930

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