In Ruckus R310, Ruckus R500, Ruckus R600, Ruckus T300, Ruckus T301n, Ruckus T301s, SmartCell Gateway 200 (SCG200) before, SmartZone 100 (SZ-100) before, SmartZone 300 (SZ300) before, Virtual SmartZone (vSZ) before, ZoneDirector 1100, ZoneDirector 1200, ZoneDirector 3000, ZoneDirector 5000, a vulnerability allows attackers to change and set unauthorized "illegal region code" by remote code Execution command injection which leads to run illegal frequency with maxi output power. Vulnerability allows attacker to create an arbitrary amount of ssid wlans interface per radio which creates overhead over noise (the default max limit is 8 ssid only per radio in solo AP). Vulnerability allows attacker to unlock hidden regions by privilege command injection in WEB GUI.

Source: CVE-2020-22662

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