An issue was discovered in URVE Build 24.03.2020. Using the _internal/pc/shutdown.php path, it is possible to shutdown the system. Among others, the following files and scripts are also accessible: _internal/pc/abort.php, _internal/pc/restart.php, _internal/pc/vpro.php, _internal/pc/wake.php, _internal/error_u201409.txt, _internal/runcmd.php, _internal/getConfiguration.php, ews/autoload.php, ews/del.php, ews/mod.php, ews/sync.php, utils/backup/backup_server.php, utils/backup/restore_server.php, MyScreens/timeline.config, kreator.html5/test.php, and addedlogs.txt.

Source: CVE-2020-29551

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