A vulnerability has been identified in RUGGEDCOM RM1224 (All versions >= V4.3), SCALANCE M-800 (All versions >= V4.3), SCALANCE S615 (All versions >= V4.3), SCALANCE SC-600 Family (All versions >= V2.0 and < V2.1.3), SCALANCE X300WG (All versions < V4.1), SCALANCE XM400 (All versions < V6.2), SCALANCE XR500 (All versions < V6.2), SCALANCE Xx200 Family (All versions < V4.1). Affected devices contain a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in the handling of STP BPDU frames that could
allow a remote attacker to trigger a denial-of-service condition or potentially remote code execution.

Successful exploitation requires the passive listening feature of the device to be active.

Source: CVE-2021-25667

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