A post-authentication information exposure vulnerability in the CGI program of Zyxel ATP series firmware versions 4.32 through 5.35, USG FLEX series firmware versions 4.50 through 5.35, USG FLEX 50(W) firmware versions 4.16 through 5.35, USG20(W)-VPN firmware versions 4.16 through 5.35, VPN series firmware versions 4.30 through 5.35, NWA110AX firmware version 6.50(ABTG.2) and earlier versions, WAC500 firmware version 6.50(ABVS.0) and earlier versions, and WAX510D firmware version 6.50(ABTF.2) and earlier versions, which could allow a remote authenticated attacker to retrieve encrypted information of the administrator on an affected device.

Source: CVE-2023-22918

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