OS command injection vulnerability in CONPROSYS IoT Gateway products allows a remote authenticated attacker who can access Network Maintenance page to execute arbitrary OS commands with a root privilege. The affected products and versions are as follows: M2M Gateway with the firmware Ver.3.7.10 and earlier (CPS-MG341-ADSC1-111, CPS-MG341-ADSC1-931, CPS-MG341G-ADSC1-111, CPS-MG341G-ADSC1-930, and CPS-MG341G5-ADSC1-931), M2M Controller Integrated Type with firmware Ver.3.7.6 and earlier versions (CPS-MC341-ADSC1-111, CPS-MC341-ADSC1-931, CPS-MC341-ADSC2-111, CPS-MC341G-ADSC1-110, CPS-MC341Q-ADSC1-111, CPS-MC341-DS1-111, CPS-MC341-DS11-111, CPS-MC341-DS2-911, and CPS-MC341-A1-111), and M2M Controller Configurable Type with firmware Ver.3.8.8 and earlier versions (CPS-MCS341-DS1-111, CPS-MCS341-DS1-131, CPS-MCS341G-DS1-130, CPS-MCS341G5-DS1-130, and CPS-MCS341Q-DS1-131).

Source: CVE-2023-27917

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