A vulnerability, which was classified as problematic, has been found in Twister Antivirus 8. This issue affects the function 0x804f2158/0x804f2154/0x804f2150/0x804f215c/0x804f2160/0x80800040/0x804f214c/0x804f2148/0x804f2144/0x801120e4/0x804f213c/0x804f2140 in the library filppd.sys of the component IoControlCode Handler. The manipulation leads to denial of service. Attacking locally is a requirement. The exploit has been disclosed to the public and may be used. The identifier VDB-229853 was assigned to this vulnerability. NOTE: The vendor was contacted early about this disclosure but did not respond in any way.

Source: CVE-2023-2874

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