Kiwi TCMS, an open source test management system, allows users to upload attachments to test plans, test cases, etc. In versions of Kiwi TCMS prior to 12.2, there is no control over what kinds of files can be uploaded. Thus, a malicious actor may upload an `.exe` file or a file containing embedded JavaScript and trick others into clicking on these files, causing vulnerable browsers to execute malicious code on another computer.

Kiwi TCMS v12.2 comes with functionality that allows administrators to configure additional upload validator functions which give them more control over what file types are accepted for upload. By default `.exe` are denied. Other files containing the `<script>` tag, regardless of their type are also denied b/c they are a path to XSS attacks. There are no known workarounds aside from upgrading.

Source: CVE-2023-30613

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