Pimcore is an open source data and experience management platform. Prior to version 10.5.21, the `/admin/misc/script-proxy` API endpoint that is accessible by an authenticated administrator user is vulnerable to arbitrary JavaScript and CSS file read via the `scriptPath` and `scripts` parameters. The `scriptPath` parameter is not sanitized properly and is vulnerable to path traversal attack. Any JavaScript/CSS file from the application server can be read by specifying sufficient number of `../` patterns to go out from the application webroot followed by path of the folder where the file is located in the "scriptPath" parameter and the file name in the "scripts" parameter. The JavaScript file is successfully read only if the web application has read access to it. Users should update to version 10.5.21 to receive a patch or, as a workaround, apply the patch manual.

Source: CVE-2023-30852

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